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Beauty Clinic

The Hamburg clinic specializes in aesthetic and plastic surgery. It is located not far from the Alster on Mittelweg (Harvestehude).
The focus is on liposuction, liposuction for lipedema (using the gentle vibration method), breast augmentation (implants with a lifetime guarantee), and facial plastic surgery.


  • attract new patients every month
  • build loyal community
  • generate digital word of mouth
  • increase interactions on social networks
  • bring well-known personalities to the clinic


  • Identify target group (create buyer persona)
  • Produce photo and video content on the spot
  • Local community management through Instagram and Facebook algorithms
  • Distribute content on the respective platforms
  • Run, analyze and optimize ads

Tools & Platforms

  • Content production
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Ads
  • Influencer marketing
  • Sweepstakes

Content Production

Every 3 months our creative team designs a concept for the customer visit. The visit allows us to present the clinic authentically. At the same time, we build more trust with potential patients with content “on site”.

The clinic receives an all-round service.

This means we design the content, publish and promote it. The “one-stop shop” principle ensures that the brand is presented uniformly on different channels.



  • Facebook as a platform where we highlight the team, the unique selling propositions and the latest beauty news


  • We join local Facebook groups and respond to conversations/questions/discussions that are about beauty and beauty-related topics. This is how we build likes and become part of a community. We also gain people’s trust by them perceiving us as experts in the field.


On average, Facebook generates…

  • 98 website visits
  • 22 contacts
  • 11 patients



  • Instagram as a platform where we present patient experiences, talk about the importance of beauty and show the daily life of the clinic


  • With local Instagram search, we target users from the immediate area. With just one comment, we can start a conversation without giving the feeling of trying to win someone over to the clinic.


On average, Instagram generates…

  • 185 website visits
  • 35 contacts
  • 16 patients


  • We divided our target group into several sub-target groups..
  • Each sub-target group is promoted with content adapted to the group.
  • Users who were interested in our content are convinced of our advantages over the competition 1 week later with similar content.

Monthly, this gives us an average of…

  • 1020 website visits
  • 189 contacts
  • 32 high-priced patients

Influencer Marketing & Word of Mouth

Working with influencers allows us to…

  • Achieve a significantly higher reach
  • Address a targeted community
  • Connect the brand of the clinic with well-known
    to put in connection
  • Address followers of the influencer in an authentic way – through the influencer’s experience.



  • Word of mouth – followers get the opportunity to participate in a raffle by recommending the clinic to their friends and acquaintances.


  • The sweepstakes was shared by various influencers/well-known personalities.
  • The sweepstakes was shared in numerous local Facebook groups.
  • In total, over 10000 people from the immediate area participated (over 8000 comments on Instagram alone).
  • +534 Instagram followers
  • +302 Facebook Likes
  • +1288 website visits
  • +18 new patients

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