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..The First In The Tile Industry

The pandemic has thrown a spanner in everyone’s works. A big loser of the crisis were trade show organizers and the accompanying trade shows.
Fliesen-Zentrum Deutschland GmbH reacted to the cancellation of the industry trade fair and organized a digital in-house exhibition. We implemented the entire video production of the in-house exhibition.


  • Deadline of one month
  • Shooting in a studio in Wiesbaden and Berlin despite the pandemic
  • The tiles had to be produced


  • 30 product videos in Berlin
  • 20 single videos in Wiesbaden
  • 1 trailer in Berlin
  • 3 intros in Wiesbaden

We received this message from the Tile Center:

“We first wanted to do a live event, but came to the decision that the effort and the expected result are not in relation.

We want to present each series in a short video (3 min) and launch it on the website over 2 weeks.

The videos should be about the design and how to create a unique space with that design.

In these videos staff (professional for design creation) will speak. In addition, there should be a moderation video where myself and the current world champion tiler talk to each other.”

The Way To Glory

  • 197 hours of work
  • A weekend in Wiesbaden
  • Another weekend in the Berlin studio
  • Lots of postproduction


  • Kick-Off Meeting
  • Elaboration of a video concept
  • Joint meeting to finalize the video concept 
  • Organization of the studio set in Wiesbaden
  • A weekend in Wiesbaden with our content team to film all content
  • Organization of the studio day in Berlin 
  • Recording of all tiles in Berlin
  • Post production of the content from Wiesbaden
  • Post production of the content from Berlin 
  • Feedback loops


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