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Content Concepts for Healthcare Platform

Likeminded hired us to develop social media concepts/strategy and onboard the team. Likeminded has its own social media team. Our task was to show this team the direction and to strengthen the brand in the social media channels with new ideas!



Likeminded is a company that offers online group courses to people with different mental health challenges. The group courses are led by professional psychologists.

At the beginning of our collaboration, Likeminded sent us an email introducing the company’s goals..

Here is one of the emails for your better understanding, dear reader:

Hello Koray,

As previously discussed, enclosed is a short briefing regarding our social media activities:

Long-term Goal:

  • Our social media presence, in combination with social ads, becomes a main pillar of our marketing mix
  • Our social media presence stands for a contemporary, relaxed and stigma-free interpretation of psychological help – target groups think it’s cool to talk about LikeMinded and also voluntarily share this content with their network

Pillars of our messaging:

  • Cool, casual and authentic approach to mental health issues that encourages addressees to shed their perceived mental health stigma
  • Understanding: users should feel that we “understand exactly how loneliness/love grief” feels, for example.
  • Explanatory content: Since we have developed an offer that is otherwise not found on the market, there is a certain need for explanation regarding our service.
  • Professionalism/trustworthiness: Users need to feel that they are turning to a partner who is reliable/trustworthy/professional.

Performances we think are good:

Visually very good; messaging and content could go a little deeper

We like it extremely well: Authentic, sufficiently deep, “cool”

Please contact us as soon as possible with the next steps. Regarding the budget, we can talk to M. again.

Thank you and see you soon



To help an ambitious start-up authentically communicate its values on social media, thereby helping people solve important mental health issues


Social media is one of the most important ways to communicate the brand to the outside world. Likeminded has an internal social media team for this purpose. The challenge was to assess the skills and capabilities of the team and to come up with the right ideas.


1. Phase:

  • Discovery call with founders to understand target group, values and vision
  • Research of competitors
  • I joined FB groups about mindfulness and read through what people were posting about
  • I contacted Instagram pages that only post about mindfulness
  • I read a lot of articles on the topic and developed an understanding of the target audience

2. Phase: 

  • First meeting of the creative team:
    • Presented the project to the team
    • Dissected the findings from the discovery call
    • Noted down the first ideas

3. Phase:

  • Everyone from the creative team had time to develop their own concepts

4. Phase:

  • Second meeting of the creative team:
    • Idea exchange/refinement

5. Phase: 

  • Everyone from Creative Team had time to decide on 3 final strategies and dissect them in more detail

6. Phase:

  • Final meeting of the Creative Team:
    • Presentation of ideas
    • Decision

7. Phase:

  • Creative Director communicated the selected concepts to the project manager and Likeminded.

Guiding Principles Of The Concept

  • Behind LikeMinded are professional psychological mentors
  • We have defined two leitmotifs for the concept, which guide the entire content. 
  • The first guiding principle: “Mental health is not a taboo subject”.
  • The second guiding principle: “We help professionally”.
  • Because all content is based on these guiding principle, there is a clear brand message that emphasizes the strengths of LikeMinded.

😇Here Is The Concept🤘🏾

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