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1 Bleaching Patient/Month =
approx. 300€-500€ revenue

43 Bleaching Patienten/Month =


  • Client: Private practice with a focus on aesthetic dentistry.
  • Start of SEO measures: 1.11.2019

Initial situation

  • 162 organic visitors to the website per month
  • Important services were not displayed in Google
  • A good ranking was not possible due to the technical problems of the website

Customer Defines The Targets

  • Increase website visitors to at least 1800 visitors per month
  • Generate bleaching inquiries through the website
  • Top 3 in the Google search results for the high-turnover search terms


  • Creation of content in the form of guides for the relevant keywords in the dental field
  • Expansion & optimization of existing content and pages for higher rankings
  • Technical optimization of the website
  • Migration of the website from Joomla to WordPress
  • Optimization of the internal link structure to strengthen the most important pages through LinkJuice
  • Local search engine optimization for the customer-specific location in Munich Lehel

The Results Obtained

Wait a minute…what were the goals again in the beginning?

  • 1800 website visitors per month
  • Generate bleaching inquiries through the website
  • Top 3 in Google search results for the top-selling keywords

And now the results…

  • 7,866 organic website visitors per month
  • 43 new bleaching contacts per month 
  • Place No. 3: “Bleaching Munich”.
  • A total of 250 contact requests through organic search per month
  • An increase of 1,614% in organic traffic

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