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Why do so many people think of pain and drilling when they think of dental treatment?
What is behind these thoughts and feelings? Is it the negative experience from childhood, other people’s stories or the influence of the media?
We got to the bottom of these prejudices in this project with different artists.

The Task

  • Develop promotional videos for social channels
  • Show the feelings of a patient during a visit to the dentist

The Challenge

  • No content explaining the subject of dentistry should be displayed 
  • The advertising should decrease prejudices against dentists
  • The clients came from the creative sector, which is why they had high creative demand
  • We had a very short deadline 🙂 (We love it!)

The Solution

  • We worked with two artists who themselves suffered from severe dental fear
  • They were given a list of words and asked to give artistic expression to the feelings they associated with them; each had their own way of expressing themselves

The Result

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