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Our profit? A whopping 0.00 Euro!

Corona came quite suddenly for all of us. Many friends from our network are also active in the tourism industry and catering, so we were able to directly experience the effects of the crisis. We didn’t think twice and offered our help directly.
This resulted in our FU * K Corona initiative.

Alfa24: +600 Employees / Hotel and Maintenance Cleaning

Our Part

E-commerce store

(Design, programming, Implementation, Development, Texts, Images, Video)

The Story Behind It

E. Dogan – Managing Director of Alfa24:

“With the start of the Corona crisis in March 2019, our sales have decreased by 93%. This has led us to look for new lines of business.”


Now Let's Be Clear ...
What Has Bissfest Achieved?

E. Dogan:

“Sergey and his bissfest team actively supported us. We then decided to set up an online store together with bissfest and sell hygiene products.

From the market analysis and strategy development to the product photos, the bissfest team took care of everything within a short time and set up an online shop:

We were able to achieve first successes already in the first month with a total turnover of 15.000 €.

In the meantime we have been running the store together with bissfest for 9 months and achieve a monthly turnover of 300.000 €. We initially had only 15 product types on offer and now sell 250 products in various categories from hygiene products to cleaning agents.

Thanks to bissfest’s strategies and creative ideas, we sell our products not only in Germany, but all over Europe.

With the help of bissfest we have built a networked system between Alfa24 and our store. By further expanding our product sourcing network, we also buy more cheaply for our parent company Alfa24.”

Machiavelli Restaurants

Our Work

  • Website (Design, Implementation, Photos, Videos, Texts):

The Story Behind It

The Corona crisis has particularly affected restaurateurs. Machiavelli restaurants were always busy and popular before. With the first lockdown, the chain had to break new ground, and we helped.

1. Promotional videos: To help with marketing, we sent our film and photo crew into the restaurant to film the staff, general manager, and the entire food lineup. This resulted in promotional videos and photos that we promoted on digital channels.

2. The website: we redesigned the website so that orders can be easily placed online.

3. Influencer Advertising: Numerous well-known faces supported Machiavelli Restaurants, posting photos on social networks and linking the restaurants.

In this way, we specifically spread the name “Machiavelli Restaurants” to thousands of Berlin ears.

Now Let's Be Clear ...
What Has Bissfest Achieved?

The new website made it possible for the restaurant chain to take and deliver online orders in the first place.

After the first 10 influencers, the number of orders increased 4x and so did daily sales.

Now, let’s do the math together::

Food was delivered to 10 Influencers for free, costing the restaurant chain a total of about €300-400. 

In return, a 4x increase in orders over the next few days … Not bad, right?  

But that was not all.

After 30 days and over 30 local influencers talking about the restaurant, the restaurant’s sales increased 11 times and have now even exceeded regular sales (before Corona times).

In addition to that, we noted over 1,000,000 Instagram profile visits without investing even €1 in Instagram ads.

Bang Boom Burger

Our Work

  • Website (Design, Implementation, Photos, Video, Texts)

The Story Behind it

A good friend had to open the burger joint he had just built with heart and soul in the midst of the Corona pandemic. 

Grand opening celebration? Lots of customers? Full store?

We had to say goodbye to those expectations. So we sent our creative team straight to the Neukölln store to create content for a new website and Instagram. After promoting a few photos & videos, the owner was able to enjoy rapidly increasing online orders.

Now Let's Be Clear ...
What Has Bissfest Achieved?

Bang Boom Burger opened in the Corona period. Our actions helped the business to be able to deliver at all, cover expenses and even make a small profit.

For example, in the first week we spent €421.93 on the Instagram ads:


As you can see, this made 57,071 Berliners from the immediate vicinity (3 km) aware of the burger joint in the very first week.

Every 6th person visited the new website.

In the first 7 days, there were 210 orders.

Again, we invested less than €500 in the 1st week and got over 200 orders.

There is no need to say more about it.

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