The 10 Commandments of bissfest:

  1. the team comes first followed by the customer.
  2. we do NOT work with uncool companies. Uncool are those,
    who support war,
    who torment people or animals,
    who are racist,
    who are anti-queer,
    who are misogynistic.
  3. everyone at bissfest receives individual goals, on the achievement of which the growth of bissfest depends. So keep it in mind and go the extra mile to reach it.
  4. we communicate honestly and comprehensively with each other:
    (How does the set goal contribute to bissfest’s success?
    Why does the deadline have to be postponed?
    Who on the team is being unfair to you?)
  5. don’t base your actions on assumptions. Base them on both your research and your intuition. Not just one of these.
  6. gender, origin, sexual orientation, educational background and age do not matter to us.
  7. the value of your work is not measured in time.
  8. invest 20% of your working time in the projects you feel like working on.
    Creative output takes time (creative output
  9. creative output (includes everything that triggers emotions).
  10. be a good & curious person


The Team

It is essential that the team members:

  1. give each other creative freedom
  2. contribute to the success of the company through OKRs
  3. give honest feedback, regardless of position

What characteristics should the team have:

  1. Kindness: try to be a good person
  2. Responsible: take responsibility for own projects and set goals
  3. Smart: use creative approaches to solutions, i.e. solve challenges skillfully.



  1. Disrespectful treatment of the team and/or customers
  2. Indifference to tasks and results
  3. Lack of communication about feelings, tasks and work in general
  4. Problem-oriented thinking


What do we want from each other?

  1. High expectations of ourselves (we want to grow!)
  2. Gratitude (thank you for walking the path with us)
  3. Honesty


The Customers

When dealing with customers it is important to us that we:

  1. are honest about our performance and tasks (also talk about mistakes & failures)
  2. do not use technical jargon (adapt ourselves to the customer)
  3. define and communicate measurable goals


What do we expect from customers? 

–  Willingness to be transparent with us and share all numbers/successes/failures from day one. Both sides need to pull together to get things done.

– The time to talk about results at least once a month in a longer phone call or meeting.

– The freedom to generate creative content. There should be a healthy balance between our ideas and the client’s.


What are our principles when working with customers?

– Our customers should always have an overview, which is why any projects/wishes/goals are planned and talked through in advance

This includes:

  • a transparent explanation of the pricing
  • a transparent goal setting
  • a transparent reporting about successes & failures
  • a monthly meeting
  • being available to the customer 7 days a week

Our ultimate goal:
to satisfy each client to the point that they trust us and are even willing to build a business with us.



OKR for 2021

O = To be among the top 150 owner-managed agencies in Germany.

  1. KR: To win tenders worth at least €500,000 by the end of Q4.
  2. KR: Generate revenue of at least €250,000 through the inbound funnel by the end of Q4.
  3. KR: To create at least 6 viral/creative video campaigns.
  4. KR: Write 22 blogs on topics that fit the image of a cool Berlin brand.


Goals for 2021

1) We have decided that if we achieve goal O (see OKR above) we will build 2 classrooms in a developing country. To do this, we will partner with an organization that we are sure will do some good with the money (and we will also go there ourselves and lend a hand):

2) We will also open a second location, a Creative Workspace, in Berlin. We will give creative minds in Berlin the opportunity to use this space for free: Record music, take photos, shoot videos and the like.