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Brand Strategy

What feeling does Ikea convey? Can you hear the characteristic Magnum crackle? Through creative branding, you strengthen your brand and its recognition value. It’s all your perception. You can build that perception, destroy it, care about it, or ignore it completely. And we help you do it….

The solution is Brand Strategy.

What is meant by this meaningless buzzword?

It means that every touchpoint your company has with the outside world must match your brand’s values and positioning.

Example: Adidas & COVID

Adidas’ decision to stop paying commercial rents despite high profits from previous quarters sparked a shitstorm that caused major damage to the brand’s image.
The problem: no unified brand strategy

Our Approach In 4 Steps

Define The Core Of The Brand

Purpose. Vision. Mission. Values.

Who do you want to reach and what does your brand stand for?

Communicate Key Messages

Tonality. USP. Themes.

What makes your brand unique?

Design & Shape

Design. Graphics. Colors.

How to make your brand visually recognizable.

Target Group

Age. Gender. Place. Interests.

Who are you marketing to?

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