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Granny..will you tell me
a story about Google Ads?

Do you really want to embark on the Google Ads adventure, dear Granddaughter? 

Yes, Granny- something more exciting than the story about the little Mouse, who was run over and called itself a touchpad from then on..

All right, dear Granddaughter. Once upon a time, there was a sweet little girl… Company and it was called Google. Google provided free knowledge to everyone in the village. But, when the wolf..investors came to the village, Google needed to make more money..and invented Google Ads. However, the investors were given a promise: if they gave Google lots and lots of money….

Granny? A whole lot of money? Are you sure? Did the investors go broke then?

Well, no, my sweet. It depended on what line of business the investors were in…. Anyway, the investors got their promise: if they gave Google… different amounts of money, Google would make their ranking super fresh and put their websites on top….

Does that mean the investors would then be seen by everyone?

Well, yes. And everyone wanted to know what the investors could do, so they clicked on the ads that Google made appear as if by magic. And for every click, the investors paid Google a few cents again. But in return, their sales increased.

Granny? I think I’ll become an investor, too…

Sure – I’ll give you a tip.

Why bissfest as a Google Ads Agency?


Work Examples

  • HERE : Alfa24 E-Commerce Shop (+600 Employees)
  • HERE : Employee search for three locations
  • HERE : International air freight


There is no mass processing with us. We rely on #qualityshit strategies to achieve your goals or solve your problems.

Our know-how

For the last 5 years we have been supporting and consulting a large number of companies from different industries. You can find more information under Case Studies

Your Team

Think of us as part of your marketing team instead of an outside, external partner. We want to work with you, side by side. The only difference: our focus is not on your daily business, but on building and executing a Google Ads strategy. We are responsible for our territory, you for yours.

Reasonable costs

It’s all about the money, money, money…Jokes apart. Who likes to pay a bill where the services listed are incomprehensible? Exactly! It is important to us that you understand what you are paying us for as a Google Ads agency. After the first meeting and the successful strategy planning, we will show you where your investments are going. Every euro spent will be listed meticulously and every hour worked will be explained. We don’t leave you out in the cold, but inform you in detail about the costs.


Free Guide

The search for a Google Ads agency is often hard. You should inform yourself in advance and talk to several marketing agencies. Regardless of whether you decide for or against bissfest, you will receive a free guide for your ad campaign after the initial consultation. You are free to decide whether you want to implement the concept with us or with another agency.

Profitable Campaigns

Lighting banknotes is your thing? Sorry, you’re in the wrong place. Because we want a positive cost-benefit factor. This primarily means that the campaigns we create bring in more than they cost.

You have the control

Trust is good, Control is better. For us, that’s not just an empty phrase, it’s our firmly anchored corporate philosophy. To show you that we keep our promises, you get permanent access to an interactive analysis of your ad campaign. In addition, we will provide you with a personalized monthly report, which we will explain to you in a phone call. This allows you to easily and comprehensibly understand our advertising measures and their success at any time.

We are here for you

We are a team. That’s why we provide you with an experienced and dedicated project manager right from the start. This way, you have your very own personal contact person who is always there for you, without you having to spend a lot of time on the phone.

How does the cooperation with Bissfest as a Google Ads agency work?


Set Common Goals

First, let’s get to know each other. Before we get started on your Google Ads campaign, we want to know everything about your company. Using a detailed questionnaire, we determine the goals together and then determine the direction of the marketing campaign. We then develop a customized roadmap. You have the goalswe have the solutions.

Competitive Analysis

Optimal search engine marketing requires a conscientious and lasting analysis. That’s why we start by taking stock of all possible forms of paid advertising. Using state-of-the-art tools, we gain insights into the gaps, problems, weaknesses and unused opportunities of your company’s existing Google Ads campaigns and then develop your new SEA strategy.

The SEA Strategy - The Centrepiece

Every successful ad campaign stands and falls with its underlying strategy. We use the data determined from the extensive analysis of the competitors as a basis. The determined campaign values of your competitors and your personal wishes lead together to the optimal strategy.

Communication - The Be-All and End-All

We need to talk – right from the start. That’s why we invite you to coffee, cake and a detailed first meeting at the beginning of our collaboration. We’ll talk about your ad campaign, discuss the measurable objectives and present you with a clear and easy-to-understand visual presentation of the further development.

We therefore involve you everywhere. Yes, even in the distribution of tasks. This is the only way we can form an efficient and goal-oriented team.


Research for the Google Ads Campaign

Google Ads campaigns have a specific structure and consist of several ad groups. You probably already guessed it: Both the campaign and the ad groups require extensive and conscientious research. Afterwards, both are equipped with thematically optimized ad texts and promising search terms.

Tracking and User Behavior

Are you thinking about the transparent customer now? Don’t worry, we don’t uncover secrets. We look at the behavior of visitors to your website. The collection of data is in absolute compliance with the applicable data protection regulations. The analysis of visitor behavior is permitted under current legislation and is GDPR-compliant.

In order to find out whether your search engine advertising is achieving the desired results, we use a range of software tools that allow us to analyze the efficiency of your ad in great detail.

Always up-to-date

Wouldn’t it be nice if you created your ad campaign, placed it on Google, and the rest ran itself? Unfortunately, however, SEA campaigns are not a one-time affair in the real world. To consistently generate success in our fast-paced world, this half-hearted approach only works to a point. We regularly adjust your marketing campaigns in all relevant aspects. This is the only way we can achieve lasting success-based and measurable results.


Search engine advertising requires constant monitoring and optimization to achieve the best possible results. Of course, we share all the insights gained from your advertising campaign and any necessary adjustments with you. And of course we celebrate milestones together.


Does the topic of search engine advertising appeal to you and would you like to try it out for yourself? We’ve created a detailed guide that shows you how you can use Google Ads for yourself – without an SEA agency. Start your next search for suitable employees with a Google Ads ad, for example, and find out how this form of marketing works for you.

Advertising Campaigns - We Explain The Differences

Paid Search Marketing - Paid Search Results

Paid search marketing is paid search results. You pay for your advertising campaign to appear among the first search results for a specific search query on Google. However, the paid search campaign is not randomly displayed to every searcher, but is based on the set daily budget and the respective user behavior.

Your ad campaign is not only broadcast in the Google search results, but also on partner websites such as YouTube, Google Maps or Google Shopping. In total, over 2 million websites can display your Google Ads campaign.

Remarketing and Retargeting

Have you ever searched for garden chairs on the Internet? Then you probably noticed that exactly these garden chairs appeared as an advertisement on a completely off-topic website. This is remarketing. It is based on explicitly granted cookies of the user, even before he visits your website. So the ads are not broadcast without explicit consent.

Remarketing attempts to lure the visitor back to your website with a targeted ad for your product from the page he or she is currently viewing. Retargeting pursues the same goal. It differs only in targeting. While remarketing targets just that one product and that one user, retargeting is less subtle. This method targets all visitors to your website with the same ad – regardless of what products or services they are interested in and how long they have been visiting your website.

Google Shopping & Product Data Optimization

Virtual department stores are springing up like mushrooms. It is therefore not surprising that pure product data is becoming increasingly important – also for the marketing sector. A product offering online is both a marketing tool and a sales page. The stored product data is crawled by search engines and listed higher on Google depending on its compatibility with the user’s search query.

Landing Page - The First Impression

We all want to make a good first impression, but online, we can’t impress with our friendly smile. This is where your landing page takes over. It conveys a first impression of you and your offer. Does the landing page appeal to your target group emotionally? Does it give the user the feeling that his problem is in good hands with you? These questions should be answered with a clear yes when we talk about a perfect landing page.

Increase and Optimize Interactions

The goal of any marketing campaign is to increase sales or awareness – ideally both. In search engine marketing, the focus is on increasing the number of interactions with your website. The user becomes aware of you through a Google Ads ad and, ideally, develops into a loyal customer.

SEA Campaigns On Google's Display Network

The company’s own display network from Google offers a range of opportunities to engage customers directly and visually. The display network consists of over 2 million web pages, videos, and apps, and allows for content-based campaign targeting. Ads on this network make potential customers aware of you before they even search for you. For example, the glowing car ad on a well-known real estate site is one such ad.

Google Ads in the Google search network

This network consists of a connected group of websites. What all these sites have in common is that advertisements are broadcast on them.

In addition to Google’s own sites such as Maps or Google Shopping, the search network also includes a number of partner websites such as aol.de or web.de.

With an ad campaign in the search network, your ads are not only displayed in the classic search results, but simultaneously on all websites that belong to the network.

Our Billing Models at a Glance

Long-Term - Personal Campaign Support

Concentrate on your priorities, we take care of your search engine marketing. At regular intervals, we keep you up to date, discuss necessary optimizations of the advertising campaign and jointly analyze the results of your Google Ads campaign.

Performance-Based - Payment According to Key Figures

Do success and measurable results count for you? Then we agree in advance on an achievable, measurable goal, such as a number of generated contact requests. Added to this is a small base amount for fixed costs. Only when this target has been reached will the predefined success fee be paid. Until then, we only charge you the base price.

FAQ - What You Probably Always Wanted To Know ;)

Worauf sollte ich bei der Wahl meiner Google Ads Agentur unbedingt achten?

You should have goals in mind. Ask yourself what you want to achieve with Google Ads and go into the first meeting with clear ideas. There, you name a concrete task, define the time frame and name measurable success metrics such as contact inquiries or website visitors.

If you know the margin for your services, you can greatly limit the cost of Google Ads and ensure your profitability. Always set the cost of an SEA campaign below your margin to keep your business profitable.

A good Google Ads agency has nothing to hide. Take our checklist with you to the initial meeting and check off point by point. Does the agency meet all the criteria? Wonderful! You’re in good hands there, and nothing stands in the way of starting a new marketing adventure.


Individual and personal support
Certificates from independent institutes for Google and Bing
Industry expertise
References – ideally from the same industry
flexible and transparent billing models
moderate notice periods
administration of the advertising accounts is done by a manager account
understandable and comprehensible explanations and communication

What is Search Engine Advertising?

Search engine advertising are placed and paid advertisements in the search results of a search engine such as Google. These appear in the results even before the websites of companies without an ad campaign. Google Ads ads are marked as “display” and are placed on the first pages of search results for your specific keywords. They are pushed to the top of Google and thus displayed more concisely to the searcher.

What are the Building Blocks of Search Engine Marketing and What Distinguishes SEO from SEA?

Search Engine Advertising is paid advertisements placed in the search results of a search engine. These appear in the results even before the organic search results, which have landed in the higher positions through SEO measures.

Google Ads ads are marked as “display” and are placed on the first pages of search results for your specific keywords. They are pushed up on Google and thus displayed more concisely to the searcher.

How Much Does Google Ads Cost?

You decide. With Google Ads, you simply set an average daily budget that should not be exceeded. However, it is difficult to predict the actual costs for your ad campaign in advance.

Can I Adjust The Daily Budget For My Ads Via Google Ads As I wish?

Of course. You can assign an individual daily budget to each campaign. This budget can then be adjusted and managed as desired.

Can The Success of My Google Ads Campaign Be Measured?

Yes, in any case. Google itself, for example, offers a comprehensive evaluation of your advertising campaign. The behavior of your website and ad visitors is examined according to defined criteria such as newsletter sign-ups or purchases. So you can see the measurable success of your SEA campaign at any time.

If I Provide A Daily Budget of €300 For 4 Weeks, Is There Any Success You Can "Guarantee" Me?

In short, no. Google Ads is aimed at people and human interactions are unpredictable. Therefore, we can’t guarantee you specific successes. Reliable forecasts can only be determined once the advertising campaign has been running for a certain period of time and measurable results are available.

Experience shows that it takes 30-40 visitors per day on your website to generate a serious inquiry or contact. With an average cost rate of 4 € per click – i.e. visitor – you need a daily budget of around 120-160 €. This one visitor request costs you an average of 140 €.

Why Is Search Engine Advertising Important?

Ads in social networks are played without being asked. The algorithm does not differentiate here according to actual demand. It simply shows the user the ads based on the stored interests and demographic characteristics. With a search engine campaign, you address your potential target group directly. They search the Internet for a specific term or a solution to their current problem and come across your website

There are probably plenty of companies offering the same or similar services as you. Thus, your website can quickly get lost in the nirvana of search results and the user will never know that you exist.

Google Ads prevents you from disappearing into the masses and highlights your website through a paid ad. Suddenly you are on the first pages of search results and you are more present than ever before. Search engine advertising increases your reach, visibility, customer base and sales at the same time.

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