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Graphics, photos & illustrations let's fucking go!

A juicy burger with green salad and fresh red tomatoes is sure to make your mouth water. Wouldn’t you like to go straight to the shower when you see the shower gel in front of fresh mint leaves and bright yellow lemon slices? With images, you awaken needs, emotions and desires.

The Process

1. Which photos fit your brand? What do you want to convey? We travel the world for you. This allows us to create your desired photographs, illustrations and the like on location and without any complications. We can also do follow-up shoots if we get the perfect result for your project.

2. After the photo session, follows the picture selection. And if you want, you can be there and tell us directly which motifs you like better. Alternatively, we’ll send you a link to an online gallery with our yield. You choose your favorites!

3. It’s a kind of magic. Our in-office wizards will edit your favorite photos and put the finishing touches on them. You view the results and tell us what you want to change.



For your professional photos and designs, we travel all over the world for you and set no limits to our imagination.

#basicshit ?

We offer a wide range of photo and design styles. Our portfolio ranges from 3D illustrations and portraits to team and equipment photos and drone shots.


Your newest employee’s photo isn’t on your website yet? No problem. We are also there for you at short notice and will do justice to any change through follow-up shoots.


Bissfest relies on teamwork. We bring not only #qualityshit equipment, but also patience, empathy and a motivated team.


We rely on #qualityshit studio equipment to create premium visuals for your business.


A design or a photo is an art form that has many facets. Be it on Google My Business, flyers, outdoor advertising or your website – with the right visuals, your company comes into focus.

Graphic Design

This includes:

– Visual Identity Graphic Design

– Graphic design for marketing and advertising

– UUser interface graphic design

– Graphic design for packaging

– Motion graphic design

– Environmental graphic design

– Graphics and illustration for graphic design

Equipment photos

We put your devices and products ideally in the limelight. The shots are taken against a neutral background to prevent any distractions from your product.

Team Photos & Portraits

Passport photos? No thanks! Every face tells a story – and we capture it in portraits and team photos. We focus on authenticity and the individual personality of your employees.

Drone Photos

Up in the air! If your team is very large or you want a team photo in front of your building, then we will let the drone fly for you. This way, no one is covered and in the end, your entire team can be admired in the photos.

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