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Once Upon A Time, In A Galaxy Far, Far Away....

..where people were driven away and hunted by animals. Where the sky was purple and the water was orange. The SEOna lived on the peaceful ark of Googleus. Yet, the young woman had very special talents: she could talk to insects and …

…well, admittedly – we can’t talk to insects. But with the favorite search engine of most online surfers… You want to know more?

Increase Sales With SEO?

What is this actually, this SEO? SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Behind this is that we write texts for your project, which let your page rank as well as possible, because the average Google visitor looks primarily at the results on the first and second page. That’s why it’s important to get as far to the front of Google as possible….

The Goals:

  • More traffic for your site
  • More contact and appointment requests from potential customers
  • Retain long-term customers

What Have You Got On It?

  • HERE : Alfa24 e-commerce store (+600 employees)
  • HERE : 7.576% SEO increase
  • HERE: Employee search through SEO
  • HERE : 43-fold increase in leads

How Do You Guys Approach This?

  • Investigations, statistics and research with sophisticated tools
  • Maintenance of your site
  • Regular adjustment of your website
  • Google My Business Accounts (Local SEO) 
  • Linking (OffPage)

Why Hire An SEO Agency?

Wusstest du schon, …

Dass täglich 3,5 Milliarden Googlesuchen abgesetzt werden? Das sind circa 2600 pro Sekunde.

Dass jedes Jahr mehrere tausend Google-Updates durchgeführt werden?

Dass im Juli 2018 der Marktanteil in Sachen Suchanfragen bei 86 Prozent lag? Es lohnt sich also, die Regeln zu kennen, nach denen Google Suchanfragen verarbeitet – oder eine SEO-Agentur zu beauftragen.

SEO Services At Bissfest

Our services include Local SEO, OnPage SEO and OffPage SEO. For you, these may still be unfamiliar words, but for us it’s a passion. Constant training, years of experience and love for SEO memes distinguish us at bissfest.


Local SEO

80% of consumers search locally for service providers or companies, which is why around 30% of all search queries have a local reference. Local SEO is becoming increasingly important, and that’s where we come in for your search engine optimization.

To achieve the best possible ranking in local search results, we optimize your Google My Business account and update the NAP information (address, name and phone number). In addition, we adapt your Local OnPage to the regional conditions. This includes in particular images, texts and headlines. In addition, there is a suitable evaluation management, a locally oriented keyword research goes without saying anyway…

OnPage SEO

Does your website meet the requirements and help you to achieve the best possible ranking in Google’s search results? We take a close look at your website by analyzing, identifying and optimizing its strengths and weaknesses – namely the texts, images and technical aspects. We adapt the latter to Google’s background processes and thus ensure a better ranking. We also analyze the relevance of the keywords used for your specific target group.

OffPage SEO

The optimal SEO campaign is not limited to your own website. We can also use external measures to achieve the best possible search engine optimization. We build backlinks for your site. Backlinks are a linking of your website on an external, non-company online presence. Google evaluates this link placement as a recommendation and rewards you with a better placement in the search results.

Advantages of Bissfest - Your SEO Agency


More is more, right? And we want more – for your project.

  • More traffic: We increase the number of your website visitors and generate new customers.
  • More leads: We pick up your target group and move them proactively to closing actions such as a contact request or appointment.
  • More sales: We address interested users directly and in a targeted manner. Google users become real customers.
  • More transparency: You receive clear and comprehensible reports and cost statements at all times. With us, you always know where you stand.
  • More awareness: We make you better known and help you to achieve the best possible ranking in Google search.
  • More time: We always take care and act proactively and always focused on your goal.

The SEO Process At Bissfest in 6 Steps


We’ve broken down our process into the following 6 steps – taking your project to the next level.

Research And Competitive Analysis

After the go-ahead is given, we work our way into your project and analyze the competition. We create a plan for the optimization of your site and discuss it with you.

Optimization of Your Website

Now it’s time to get down to business. Your site gets new content or we overhaul the texts. We adjust the technical details and test the result.


We fill your website with new content, which we produce directly in a targeted manner. This can include photos, videos and texts…We focus on your target group – and of course to your product.


Keywords are essential in SEO, because they are the search term in the search engine. We optimize your site according to the keywords that your target audience uses.


To increase your reach and strengthen your site for Google ranking, we place targeted links on other pages that lead to your site.


No, we are still not finished. From now on, we will constantly analyze and adjust what is important. We will stay in close contact with you.

What the FAQ?

Woran erkenne ich eine gute SEO-Agentur?

A good SEO agency is characterized especially by clear and understandable communication, transparent prices and regular reporting. They should not be shy about having a detailed discussion at least once a month about the goals achieved, the stumbling blocks encountered and the further work steps. In addition, it is not advisable to use SEO agencies that promise you an increase in your Google ranking within a very short time. The process usually takes 6-12 months and every good agency should allow for this time at least.

How Can An SEO Company Improve My Online Presence?

A professional SEO agency improves your website in three steps:

  1. The content of your website will be optimized with the help of OnPage SEO.
  2. High quality backlinks are generated in the course of OffPage SEO
  3. In the course of Local SEO your ranking on Google Maps, the general search results and the Local Pack will be optimized.

How Much Does Search Engine Optimization Cost?

We cannot quote you a flat rate here, as the costs depend on many factors. These include the duration and scope of the planned optimization as well as the conditions at the start of the process.

How Can An SEO Marketing Agency Increase My Sales?

By driving more traffic to your website. To do this, an SEO agency uses individual measures. These are always geared to your specific target group. This increases the likelihood that you will only reach customers who are seriously interested in your services or products. An SEO agency helps you to increase the number of interactions with your website and the resulting contact requests.

How Long Does It Take To Get A High Ranking?

The effect of SEO does not appear overnight. How long it takes depends on many factors. The number of high-quality backlinks, the update intervals, but also the speed of your website play a big role. Professional SEO consultants can optimize all these factors. In addition, the duration depends on your competitors and the relevant keywords at the same time. The best possible ranking can therefore take up to a year.

How Do I Measure SEO Success?

The success of SEO can be measured. One possible success indicator is, for example, the number of website visitors or the quality of backlinks. We at bissfest measure and analyze these indicators regularly and report to you in detail about the successes achieved.

Why Should I Choose Bissfest As My SEO Agency?

We at bissfest are a young and creative team. We stand for complete transparency and a high level of customer-oriented thinking. Therefore, we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and create high-quality content. Due to continuous training and a comprehensive knowledge of online and social media marketing, we are able to develop innovative and individual strategies – always with your goal in mind. If we do not generate the desired success, we proactively terminate the cooperation.

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