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Take out your phone, scroll a bit, and you’re back up to date on what our favorite actors or friends are up to. Facebook, TikTok, Instagram and LinkedIn accompany us everywhere. And of course, we want to leverage that for your reach. And this is our recipe….

What Have You Got On It?

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  • HERE : Concept for Healthcare StartUp
  • HERE : Social Media Videos
  • HERE : Recruiting
  • HERE : Air freight company


A Cup Of Facebook

Every 3rd person in the world uses Facebook – around 32 million of them in Germany alone.

A Few Big Spoons Of Instagram

Approximately 90% of the more than 1 billion users follow at least one of the approximately 25 million company profiles.

A Liter Of LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the number 1 business social media platform. Target groups interested in the business world are reached with LinkedIn advertising.

A Yotta Of Youtube

YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world and the most visited site right after Google.

A Tube Of Tiktok

TikTok is one of the youngest social media platforms and one of the most popular, with more than 800 million users at any one time.

And A Pinch Of Xing

The social platform Xing is exclusively at home in German-speaking countries. However, with around 18.5 million users, its importance cannot be denied.




We define your goals and work with you to figure out how to achieve them.


Through competitive analysis, we’ll uncover gaps in your competitors’ strategies and design an approach for your own social media campaigns. We’re not your partner after all? No problem, you can also implement the strategy with another partner.

Influencer Marketing

Brand ambassadors  – that’s what bites your target group. In the past, it was greats like Michael Jordan, and today it’s YouTube stars. Influencers shape and guide the buying behavior and brand loyalty of your target group. However, traditional testimonials still have influence today, too. You can think about who might be a good fit for your company.

Community Management

Followers – probably the most powerful metric in social networks. Without a community, even the best social media strategy won’t work. That’s why we help you build a loyal community by providing them with cool content.

Events Advertising

Are you planning an event, but your guest list is still manageable? With the help of events created on social networks and targeted advertising, you can reach thousands of people in the area. Every single one of them can be your next customer.

Content Creation

With images, texts and videos you arouse emotions and bind your target group to your company in the long term. For your project, we bring a motivated team to the start, with which we create your content.

Advertising on Social Media Channels

Bite the bullet and make an appearance – especially on social media. Our social media agency uses a range of advertising methods to do this. We decide together with you on which platforms you want to show your company.

This Is How It Tastes Best!



We analyze in detail both your own social media presence and that of your competitors. We evaluate the findings with a focus on your target group and develop a strategy from them.


We evaluate all campaigns together, optimize them, and determine profitability. Whether social media advertising, influencer marketing or content creation.

What the FAQ:

What should I look for when choosing a social media agency?

A good social media marketing agency convinces first and foremost through excellent engagement. Social networks only achieve success through optimally and regularly distributed content. In addition, the content should correspond to your company and be perfectly tailored to your target group. Appealing and professional images, nice, sympathetic texts and a well thought-out strategy separate the wheat from the chaff.

Which target groups can I reach via social networks?

As diverse as the social media platforms themselves are, so are their users. The average user on Facebook is 33 years old, on LinkedIn 39 years. The average age on Instagram is between 25-34 years, on TikTok around 16-19 years. Which target group do you want to address?

What is the connection between social media and SEO?

The best possible search engine optimization does not work without social media. Google treats content on social media channels like a website. Especially linking is rewarded by Google with a better ranking.

What are the benefits of having a presence on social media channels?

The list of advantages is almost endless. However, the following points are particularly noteworthy:

  • You become aware of your target group through presence
  • You increase your online reach
  • You arouse emotions and bind your target group to your company through high-quality content.
  • You create trust through direct communication with your followers

Are there any key figures I should pay attention to as a customer?

Social media marketing generates a variety of insightful and analyzable metrics. The relevance of the data generated depends on your defined goals. If you want to win new customers, then the ad clicks of social media advertising, generated contact inquiries or website visitors are particularly useful for you.

Buy followers - yes or no?

It is tempting to increase the number of followers for little money. We advise against it. The goal of any social media marketing campaign is to attract real, interested followers. Fake followers do not usually become paying customers or patients.

What goals should I set for myself with social media marketing?

The goals you should set for your social media marketing campaign depend on your individual requirements. For example, your personal goal could be to attract new customers or to change your company’s image. At the same time, you could focus on strengthening customer loyalty or market research purposes. The objective is entirely up to you and you can define how you measure your individual success with social media.

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