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Why A Video?

Let’s watch! Videos bring your message to life. Add music or fancy filters and your brand becomes an experience. Videos are also important content that you can share on social media or on your site.

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The Different Types Of Image Films

With a short film, YouTube show, interview or commercial, you can reach different audiences and create different needs and emotions.

Introduction Videos

Who are you? What does your company stand for? In an introduction video you can authentically convey what your vision is and why your company is better than others.

Sales Videos

Arouse emotions, create needs – in a sales video, you show your product or service and thus persuade potential customers to take a closer look at your site or online store.

Product Videos

Product videos help the viewer to get to know your product. In the virtual world, touching or trying out simply doesn’t work – product videos take over this missing part.

Explainer Videos

Explainer videos explain complex services or products in an abbreviated way and with a focus on the essentials. You can convince the viewer with your expertise and offer real added value at the same time.


Authentic user experiences – in videos with testimonials, experiences with a provider or product are shared. These are often celebrities or influencers.

Social Media Videos

Image films don’t just do well on social networks. However, they reach your community specifically here. Social media films are usually shorter, but convey all the important facts and emotions.

Short Documentaries

Image films also include documentaries. Let’s make a short Netflix documentary together!

Advantages With Bissfest - Your Image Film Agency

We Live Creativity!

Anything that triggers emotions in us is welcome. That’s not the only reason we love the process on the way to good content.

An Unbiased Team

We have already realized the visions of 31 clients in individually tailored, moving image films.

Everything is Possible

We offer the full spectrum of videos to spice up your channels.


We can proudly say that we always run away from stagnation and continue to educate ourselves. Thus, we are constantly expanding our know-how and strategies.


We produce your videos where we get the best result. And that can be on the other side of the world.

Latest Technology

16 mm was yesterday. We trust in the modern standards in video production.

What the FAQ

What is an Image Film ?

An image film reflects you and your company in an appealing visual way. It tells a story about your product or service. The focus is always on your individual brand and the needs of your target group. Image films are kept short, convey all important information and arouse emotions in the viewer, which usually end in a purchase, a contact request or booking an appointment.

How much does an Image Film cost?

Image films are mostly not as expensive as you might think. The prices for shooting such films are affordable even for smaller companies. The final amount for such an image film depends on many factors. For example, the number of shooting days, locations or actors, the duration of the short film and the necessary post-production influence the price.

For whom is an Image Film suitable?

Basically, the image film is suitable as part of a marketing strategy for any company. The size, the number of branches or employees is irrelevant. Even the defined goal hardly plays a role. Each of your messages can be carried out with an image film into the world – be it the company anniversary, a new product or the presentation of your company.

Why should I prefer Image Films to Texts?

Moving images captivate us and grab our attention. Already 81% of companies use short films, as websites with videos generate 41% more traffic. What’s more, customers retain around 95% of the information from videos – compared to just 10% for texts. In addition, image films help 90% of customers to make a purchase decision. These figures clearly speak for image films, don’t they?

How long does it take to complete an Image Film?

The production time for an image film depends on the duration of the sections. The pure shooting usually takes no longer than 2 days. In addition, there are the steps of post-production such as editing, image optimizations and edits as well as a final meeting with possible touch-ups. As a rule, we at bissfest produce an image film within 14 days.

What messages can I get across with Image films?

Image films can serve a wide variety of purposes. You can convey any kind of message with a short film. The goal is entirely up to you. Image films are suitable, for example, for product launches or the documentation of your company’s history on the occasion of a company anniversary. Determine your personal goal – the image film carries it outwards in a targeted manner.

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