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Webseite Agentur

With a bit of sentimentality, you can also think of websites as babies – and we were obstetricians to these lovely specimens:



Web Design

We develop a “HELL YES” design for your new website that reflects your corporate identity in a user-friendly way, has a clear look and feel and is easy to use. User Intuition is key!

Responsive Design

To provide users with an optimal visitor experience, websites created by us automatically adapt to the screen size of the end device used. The result: a particularly good user experience and a higher Google ranking.

Corporate Design

You are unique! The optimal website therefore stands out from the crowd. To do this, we use a number of tools such as a logo, an appealing color and font design and graphic elements. Your site is your signboard for potential customers.


A “HELL YES” design and a high technical standard are one thing – being found in the endless expanses of the internet is another. For that, you have us. We optimize your website so that it appears as one of the first search results on Google.


The advertising texts - convince with words

Can you put down a good book? Words cause emotions – positive and negative. Therefore, it is not surprising that advertising copy is one of the most important components of an excellent website. With our advertising copy, we paint pictures in the minds of your website visitors and thus connect them with you and your company.

Appealing and Authentic Content

Away from facts and dry information and towards emotive, authentic images. We create a new, visual version of your corporate identity.

We are internationally on the road

Tu parles français? If you want to convince customers from other countries, we will support you. And soon your website will be available in many other languages.

Integrated Appointment Calendar

Do you have a separate program for your appointments? Then it’s time to say goodbye and go for an all-in-one solution. We can integrate the existing software fully functional on your created website. This not only makes your daily work easier, but also offers your customers the possibility to book free appointments on their own. You decide which free times should be displayed online.



We involve you in the process

Let’s go – let us create your website. To create a customized homepage for you, we integrate you into the development process right from the start. We want to know who you are, what makes you and your company tick, and which goals and target groups you are aiming for. . 

For this purpose, we invite you to a non-binding meeting to get to know each other. Whether in person, virtually, in writing or by phone is up to you. After we have analyzed your goals and target groups together, we will develop a customized and individual concept for your future website.

Advantages of bissfest - let us create your website

We are here for you. That’s not an empty promise. We’re available to you 24/7 and want to hear your opinion every step of the way. After all, it’s all about your vision and your project. That’s why we pull out all the stops to tailor an individual concept for you and implement it in the best possible way. And you are our director.

Optimized Website For Mobile Devices

Nowadays, nothing is possible without a smartphone or tablet. According to statistics, the percentage of those who surf the Internet with a smartphone is now 74%. So it goes without saying that we optimize your website for mobile devices. This will convince not only your visitors, but also Google. The internet giant rewards your website’s playability on mobile devices with a better ranking in the search results.

Your website should be user-optimized all around. A mobile-friendly design goes without saying. We therefore adapt the functions to the needs of your visitors and at the same time ensure intuitive and self-explanatory handling.

Intuitive and User-Friendly

It’s frustrating when something doesn’t work the way you want it to. Almost 90% of website visitors who have a bad user experience with the website leave and visit the competitor’s website.

Therefore, we create a simple and intuitive user experience of your homepage. The visitor quickly finds his way around and gets to the destination he is looking for without any detours. This is the only way to generate actual customers from potential customers. For this we use some tests, which analyze this user-friendliness. Occurring hurdles are identified and removed and a positive visitor experience is created.

All From One Source

Our service package includes all steps necessary for the creation of your website. This means a lot of advantages for you. For example, you have only one contact person with whom you can clarify all your concerns quickly and easily. Short decision-making processes, a quick and cross-process solution to problems and the implementation of change requests are also part of this. In addition, your website will have a harmonious and coordinated appearance, as the teams for the various work steps are perfectly attuned to each other.

Focused On The Goal

Many cooks spoil the broth – not with us. Since we take care of the entire development process of your new website, we can fully concentrate on your goals and target group. We create an appealing overall image to best welcome your potential customers with your website. Whether it’s the design, the logo, the advertising texts, colors, videos or images – everything is perfectly aligned with your customers and exclusively pursues your individual goals.

Security Through Encryption On The Target

Safety first. This applies equally to the Internet. To protect your website from manipulation from the outside, it is provided by us with the highest encryption, an SSL encryption. All homepages created by us receive this encryption by default and free of charge. This prevents unauthorized third parties from gaining access to website data.

You Always Know What You Are Paying For

We are an open book for you. Complete price and service transparency is a matter of course for us. We want to make sure that you can easily understand the work we do and the costs we charge at any time. Therefore, we show you in detail and traceable our performed work steps and their successes. In addition, we proactively involve you in the decision-making and development process. You will regularly receive a detailed cost breakdown and reports on our stage successes and their progress.

Your Website Is Yours

It is your website and it always will be. You own all rights to the created homepage from the very beginning. We act only as an executive force, helping you to achieve your goals. Even after the end of the cooperation you have full access and unrestricted disposal over your website.

We Are Always There For You

We don’t leave you alone. In case of technical problems, our team is available around the clock, seven days a week. This is how we guarantee a constant and smooth functionality of your website. So don’t be afraid to contact us on a sunny Sunday afternoon. We will take care of your personal request immediately.

What Speaks For A Web Design Agency?

We Know The Internet User

Everyone has needs, emotions, and thoughts – even when surfing the web. All visitors have their own unique experience when interacting with your website. This user experience is a complex subject area and requires extensive knowledge. Therefore, it is of great importance to optimize the visitor experience on your website. Users need to find the information they want or the solution to their problem quickly, easily, and without detours..

We Convert Your Online Visitors Into Real Customers

The goal of any website is to convert visitors into real customers. Be it through direct promotion of your services on the homepage or through the pure appearance of your company online.

A web design agency knows what is important in this form of customer acquisition and can design, adapt and permanently optimize your website accordingly.


Stay Competitive

Put yourself in the lead! Many of your competitors have a professionally created website and represent their company in an authentic and confidence-inspiring way.

As a result, the battle for the best possible placement in Google search results is also increasing in your industry. In order to emerge as a winner, enormous expertise is absolutely necessary.

Rely on experts. To really stand out from the crowd, you need a professional hand.

Fast and Professional Implementation

A web design agency is fast, efficient and technically competent. It takes into account every necessary aspect of creating a website. Things you’ve probably never heard of, the agency has firmly in mind.

Digital stumbling blocks are avoided and the focus of the website is not lost sight of. Thanks to proven process flows and the development of optimal strategies, a competent web design agency will help you realize the goals of your homepage.


What the FAQ

Why Can't I Just Create My Website Myself With A Modular System?

Websites created with a modular system offer only limited design possibilities and insufficient protection of your data. The customization options leave no room for an individual concept. In addition, creating a website requires an enormous knowledge of how search engines work in order to get a good ranking in search results.

When Can I Expect My Finished Website?

As a rule, we create a website within one to three months. It hardly matters how extensive and complicated your future website should be. We are able to complete complex websites in the shortest possible time.

What Happens If I Am Not Satisfied With The Website?

We involve you in the process of creating your website from the very beginning to avoid this scenario. We will keep you constantly informed and present you with the steps we have achieved. After each stage of the process you will receive a detailed report. Thus, you have the opportunity to make changes at any time.

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