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Date February 3, 2021
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5 Tips For Employers - What You Can Do For Your Employees After The Crisis

The Corona crisis has turned the world of work quite upside down. In many companies, spontaneous adjustments had to be made and/or countless employees were put on short-time working. But at some point, this pandemic will also be over – and what will happen then? What will the post-Corona working world look like? And more importantly, how can employers help their employees after the crisis?

How Has The World Of Work Changed As A Result Of Corona?

During the lockdowns, companies were thoroughly tested. Value propositions of certain brands were a major factor. We remember the adidas scandal, where the sports manufacturer announced that it would no longer pay the rents for stores closed during the lockdown.

Bold for a brand that is committed to team spirit and fairness. And promptly came the receipt: Many customers boycotted the sports manufacturer and bought from the competition. The crisis can therefore be described as a thorough stress test that shows to what extent the brand values are anchored in the company and whether they are also lived in times of crisis. In contrast to adidas, many companies were able to score points during the crisis by reacting flexibly to the new demands, getting involved socially and donating to Corona measures.

Corporate values have become more important as a result of the crisis. The attribute “family-friendly” should not only be found as a word in nice letters on the website, but should also be experienced by employees in their everyday work. “Fairness” should not just be a topic for commercials, but should also be reflected in salary, working hours and vacation days. In the future, more than before, employees will think about the company they work for. So what can you as an employer do for your employees after the crisis to continue to be an attractive employer?

Our Tips For Employers


1. Keep the value proposition of the company

As you have seen from the adidas example, the company’s value propositions should not only be defined and communicated, but also lived. If you act contrary to the values you set, it is not only inauthentic to your employees, but it also damages your brand and its reputation. After all, you had a reason for associating these values and no others with your brand, right? So prove your stance and show your employees that you are serious about your promises and that they can count on you – in and after the crisis. Of course, this also includes concessions and compromises.


2. Offer benefits

Everyone loves a good benefit, right? So offer your employees meaningful deals for their workday, like train tickets so they can make their way to work environmentally friendly and free of charge. Health promotion offers also make sense.

These can include ergonomic office equipment, an annual health budget or a partnership with a gym where your employees only pay a reduced price. Above all, it’s important for employees to see that you’re making an effort and have something to offer them. If it gives them a real advantage, all the better.


3. Digitize application process & offers

An applicant would like to work for you, but encounters antediluvian contact forms or questionnaires during the application process? As a modern company, you should show potential employees that you can adapt to change. A presence on LinkedIn and Xing is just as much a part of this as low-threshold one-click applications.

The Corona crisis has also proven that job interviews no longer have to take place in person on site, but can be done conveniently via Zoom, Webex or other tools. This is less time-consuming for both sides – and timely.


4. Customize identification potential online & offline

Your company is the hammer? Great! Then others should know about it, too. Social media is also becoming increasingly important for companies to increase their reach and provide interested parties with regular updates on developments and an easy communication channel for follow-up questions. On social media and on your website, you can showcase your brand and its associated values and share relevant content. For example, if you stand for team spirit, introduce your employees in detail.

You should also make your employees feel like an important part of the company to create a “we” feeling, which will help your employees identify with your company, enjoy working for you and speak positively about their workplace. To do this, you should regularly and transparently inform your employees about developments or problems in the company, involve them in decisions, listen to them and let them share in the success.

What is important to your employees for a good working day? Why did they apply to work for you? What would disappoint them? According to statista, it is particularly important for employees to feel good at work, to receive recognition from superiors and to be able to have a personal word with them from time to time. These are points that are easy to implement and directly create a good atmosphere.


5. Feedback culture

Feedback is always important in order to move forward – also and especially for companies. And this feedback should go in both directions: In the direction of the employee and in the direction of the employer. Because both sides benefit from it and can develop further as a result. Of course, not every feedback discussion is fun, especially when unpleasant points or mistakes are addressed.

Criticism may take a moment to digest, but that’s normal. But if there’s some truth to the criticism, it leads to improvements. And as unpleasant as criticism sometimes is, positive feedback is even nicer, and usually more frequent in an open feedback culture. Important factors for open feedback are regular team meetings and direct discussions with employees, mutual appreciation and the identification of employees with the company.

Only employees who are not afraid of being sanctioned or even dismissed in the event of negative feedback will dare to make honest and constructive comments.


The Corona crisis has affected just about everyone. But right now, you have the chance to prove your leadership skills and take your company to a new level by creating cohesion and security for your employees and showing yourself open to further development and change. And then the post-Corona workday will be even better than before.

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